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The optional half-right-button used during learning sends the term back one stage, if a little mistake has been made. Press "h" to use it.

Do you want to wait one day before a question is repeated after you answered wrong?

Use Javascript (a clientside programming language) to write a function that is called whenever you answer a question correctly or incorrectly. This function allows you to show pictures or motivating messages or anything you please, so that the learning process doesn't become too dull.


Graph der Tage zwischen den Phasen

Stage Delays ER
0 26.7
1 13.2
2 4.3
3 17.6
4 0
5 /
6 /
Special characters

You can set up which special characters belong to a language.
Those special characters are displayed during the add, edit and learn process.
You can find a collection of special characters for certain uses on our Wiki.
To delete a language, you need to erase all its terms (or change their language), thereby losing the special characters for this language.

Language Special characters